Nicaragua Consulate in Melbourne

Consulate of Nicaragua in Melbourne

Nicaragua Consulate in Melbourne

Diplomatic representation of Nicaragua. Information on consular services of the Consulate of Nicaragua in Melbourne. On this website you will find general information about the Consulate of Nicaragua in Melbourne. The majority of foreign consulates in Melbourne are from South American and European countries.

Contact details of the Nicaragua Consulate in Melbourne


Nicaraguan Honorary Consulate in Melbourne, Australia - 17 Mullens Street - Hawthorne, QLD 4171 - Australia

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Rossy Giovannela Gutierrez Daly - Honorary Consul

Office Hours:

By appointment


Consulates in Melbourne

Melbourne is the capital and most populous city of the Australian state of Victoria.

Many consulates in Melbourne provide a wide range of consular services to more than 4 million Melbourne citizens as well as foreigners located or visiting Melbourne for tourist purposes or business activities.

When you are in Melbourne and in need of consular assistance from the Nicaragua consulate you should contact them directly.

Assistance by the Nicaragua Consulate in Melbourne

For additional consulate information please contact the Nicaragua consulate directly. When there is no Nicaragua Consulate located in Melbourne you can either contact a consulate in a neigboring state or contact the embassy in Canberra.

A Melbourne Consulate can be a Consulate-General or a Honorary Consulate. A Melbourne consulate is like a satellite office of the Embassy in Canberra. A Honorary Consulate is the smaller of the two and is usually an independent Melbourne citizen who on a part-time basis executes certain consular services.

All Melbourne consulates are able to provide consular services to citizens from their respective country and people from Melbourne and surroundings who plan so visit the respective country as a tourist or for a business visit. Any problems involving foreign visitors in Melbourne which are above the scope of a Melbourne consulate's authority can in most cases be referred on to the Embassy in Canberra itself.